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Use technology to give clients a better renewal experience

Posted by DanMorrill on Mar 29, 2015 9:50:00 PM

As I talked about in my last two blogs, 2013 and 2014 renewal seasons were more challenging than usual, both for brokers and their clients. Everyone knew that ACA would increase the complexity of health plan renewals, but the compressed timeframe along with some unexpected scenarios make it harder on everyone involved.

Brokers who normally pride themselves on excellent client service may have had to decrease client facetime in an effort to stay afloat. All of this leaves so many brokers wondering: What can we do different this year?

Accept a new health care paradigm

The reality is, the Affordable Care Act likely isn’t going anywhere, health care costs aren’t going down, and plan design options certainly aren’t going to get less complex. That means more regulations for clients to comply with, more creative ways for clients to try to manage costs, and more questions from clients to ensure they understand their options and obligations.

What does this boil down to? The need for better-than-ever, exceptional communication from brokers, to guide clients through this more complex health care reality.

Embrace modern plan design technology

What’s the best way to illustrate a complex scenario? For most people, it’s visually, even better if it’s also dynamic. Yet so many brokers still present plan options using spreadsheets. With the plethora of plan options, funding mechanisms and contribution strategies available today, spreadsheets just won’t cut it anymore.

Instead, imagine presenting several plan options on a tablet or whiteboard, using a dynamic, digital presentation. When clients have questions or want to make tweaks to a plan, you can make adjustments on the spot, to show the impact of a change in real-time. This approach fosters deeper client understanding, promotes your extensive knowledge and expertise, and often cuts renewals down to just one meeting.

To learn more about how technology can help you transform this year’s renewal season and avoid mistakes of the past, check out this free ebook, Brokers: Learn From Last Renewal Season.

And please share your thoughts below in the comments. Have you tried technology to present plan design? What lessons will you take from last year’s renewal season?

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