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Simplify cold calling by segmenting your market

Posted by DanMorrill on Aug 24, 2015 1:29:00 AM

It’s okay to admit it. No one likes cold calling. Most view it as a necessary evil—to generate new business, you need to reach out to new leads on a regular basis. So how can you make this task less of a burden, and more effective at the same time?

It’s all about your approach. Calling up every prospect and giving them the same pitch isn’t likely to get you far. People don’t like to hear generic sales pitches; they like to be spoken to as individuals, by someone who understands their unique needs. Of course it’s not feasible to tailor your message to every lead on your list if you’re calling or emailing hundreds (or thousands) of prospects. This blog gives you the tools to segment your list and speak to those segments with targeted messaging that resonates.

Segment your market

The first step is breaking up your lead list into meaningful segments. Think about different groups within your market who have that same concerns or pain points. Some potential segments could be:

  • Employer size (small, medium and large employers generally have different needs and challenges)
  • Location (there may be benefit trends or specific regulations in different regions or states that you can speak to)
  • Industry (some industries may have unique benefit plan needs that will be relevant to your pitch)

Create targeted messages

Once you have your list of leads split into meaningful segments, it’s time to craft messaging that applies to each of those segments. A small restaurant will have different employee benefit needs than a large national corporation. Tailor your pitch based on the segment(s) each prospect falls into. Consider the following issues:

  • Community rating: For smaller groups, this is likely top of mind, and a good topic to touch on.
  • Regulations: Talk about how ACA and other regulations affect the employer. For instance, a nationwide employer will have different obligations than a small local shop.
  • Industry-specific: If you have several leads in a particular industry, especially if it’s a unique industry, consider focusing on pain points related to that type of business.

What are your favorite strategies for making cold calling a success? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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