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Win more BORs by taking advantage of technology

Posted by DanMorrill on Sep 3, 2015 11:56:00 PM

In our last couple blogs, we shared some great advice for more effective cold calling. Once you’ve gotten in the door, here’s how to revolutionize your prospect meeting and walk away with more BORs.

Take advantage of technology

Employers today are overwhelmed by their benefits renewal; in fact, many of them dread it each year. And nothing adds to that feeling like a broker walking in with a thick binder full of spreadsheets and data to sort through.

Instead, prepare a visual presentation that presents plan options in a more friendly way. Whether you hand over a tablet to let the prospect navigate, or present on a big screen, a visual presentation will keep your prospect engaged while demonstrating your expertise.

Make it interactive

Plan modeling tools available today allow brokers to create presentations that wow prospects. Instead of showing static graphs and charts, these tools allow you to create sample plans, compare them side-by-side, dive deep into plan details, and make changes in real time.

This type of interactive presentation not only shows your capabilities and expertise, but can show a prospect exactly what the plan design process looks like with your agency. In fact, you can plug in their budget and employee needs on the spot to have a full benefits plan discussion during your first meeting. Imagine the reaction from prospects as they navigate that type of presentation with you—and then think back to the spreadsheets they usually get from their incumbent.

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