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5 insurance social media strategies to differentiate and attract more prospects

Posted by AndyNunemaker on Jul 17, 2017 6:30:00 AM

5 insurance social media strategies to differentiate and attract more prospects

Social media is an excellent tool to attract and win more business, and insurance social media strategies are growing in popularity. While most insurance agents use social media to some extent, there are likely strategies you are missing out on. Learn 5 effective insurance social media strategies you should be incorporating into your business.

 1. Use the search function

One of the most powerful but often overlooked elements of social media is the search function. Using search, you can discover new prospects in your area and make proactive connections. All social media networks have search capability, but perhaps the most effective insurance social media tool in this scenario is LinkedIn. You can search by industry, employer size, job function/title, location and more to find your ideal prospects.


2. Follow up by connecting online

Whether you meet someone at a networking event, have a cold call conversation, send an email message or meet in-person, always follow up with a social media connection. Look the prospect up on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and any other networks you’re active on. Send a connection request with a short note recapping your prior conversation or interaction. This simple action can often be the start of a long relationship.


3. Become an invaluable resource

The most effective insurance social media accounts share a lot of educational and beneficial content for your target customer. When you decide what to post, think about what a prospective employer would be interested in, as well as how you can deliver more value than they may be getting from their incumbent.

Some brokers worry about “giving away too much for free” when it comes to sharing educational articles and resources online, but your goal should be impressing a prospective client and demonstrating your knowledge and expertise. Aim to become the online resource that employers rely on, and it’s a short jump to winning their business in the future.


4. Share powerful testimonials 

Social media offers the opportunity to show off your happy clients, which can pique a prospect’s interest in meeting with you. Create cases studies or testimonials based on the success and satisfaction of your best clients. This might include success story videos, written case studies and/or short quotes from happy clients. Share these testimonials on social media, and if possible, tag the client as well. This is a great “shout-out” to your best clients, as well as powerful marketing in the words of the employer.


5. Stand out in their (social) inbox 

We all know that cold calling is difficult, and with the immense popularity of email today, it can also be hard to stand out in someone’s inbox. A different strategy to grab a prospect’s attention is through a private message on social media. This “inbox” is much less crowded, so a targeted note there has a better chance of reaching a prospect.

You may want to share an educational resource, discuss a pain point they’re likely to experience, or even just comment on a recent post they shared on that social network. This strategy depends a lot on the person you’re targeting (whether they spend a lot of time on social media, for example), but can be an extremely effective insurance social media strategy.


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