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Enhance Insurance Agency Marketing With Buyer Personas

Posted by AndyNunemaker on Sep 19, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Enhance Insurance Agency Marketing with Buyer Personas

In our last blog, we talked about the benefits of inbound marketing for insurance agencies. As a quick recap, inbound marketing focuses on attracting prospects to you through compelling, educational content. This allows you to collect leads, understand when prospects are interested and win more deals. In this blog, we’re going to talk about one aspect of inbound marketing, buyer personas, and how they can vastly enhance your insurance agency marketing success.

The importance of tailoring messages

One of the cornerstones of effective inbound marketing is that content and messages are tailored to the prospect. It makes sense—people like to feel like their needs are heard and understood, and an employer is more likely to respond to a marketing note tailored to them than a generic message.

However, it’s not feasible to send individual messages to each prospect. So the next best option is to categorize your prospects into similar segments, and send tailored messages to those groups. That’s where buyer personas come in.

What is a buyer persona?

A buyer persona is a representation of your ideal or target customer, using a variety of detailed information including demographics, values and motivations. The goal is to create a persona representing one of your buyers, so that you can deeply understand that buyer’s typical goals, motivations, challenges and pain points.

Understanding this helps you send more targeted marketing messages, improving the chances of a successful prospecting interaction. As an insurance agency, you likely have a few key “buyers” or target customers. They might be, for instance, HR, CFO and CEO. These are people you typically market or pitch to. Using the concept of buyer personas, you would create a detailed persona for each of those three buyers, and then send tailored campaigns to each audience based on their specific persona.

How do I get started?

Creating a buyer persona is a great exercise to do with several members of your agency, such as veteran producers, sales managers, account managers and others who have knowledge of your various buyers. It helps to start with a template, and you’ll have no trouble finding one online. Just to get you started, here are the types of questions you’ll want to answer to populate your persona:

  • Age, gender, role in the company
  • Company history, income level, education level
  • Family details, community involvement
  • What does his day-to-day look like?
  • What motivates him to succeed?
  • What keeps him up at night related to his job?
  • What are his short- and long-term career goals?

Once you have your detailed buyer persona(s) created, you’ll be able to send much more targeted marketing messages to each group. To learn more about how buyer personas and inbound marketing generally can enhance your insurance agency marketing, be sure to download this resource: Inbound Marketing for Insurance Agencies.

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