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Get a Prospect’s Attention and Outshine the Incumbent Broker with These Targeted Questions

Posted by AndyNunemaker on Jan 18, 2016 7:30:00 AM

Get a Prospect's Attention with These Targeted Questions

As an insurance broker, part of your job is sales, so you understand the challenges of standing apart from the competition. Do you ever feel like your cold calling, email blasts and direct mailings are falling on deaf ears?

Think about that cold call or email message from the prospect’s perspective. What do you do when you get pitched to? If you’re like many, you delete sales emails and toss direct mailings in the trash after a quick glance, and may not give a salesperson more than a few seconds of your time on the phone. How can you change that conversation to catch a prospect’s attention?

In this blog, we’ll look at strategies to set yourself apart during this early stage of prospecting, to get a prospective client’s attention and (hopefully!) secure a first meeting.

Turn the spotlight on the incumbent broker

The best cold calls and mass mailings are specific—you want the prospect to feel like you’re speaking directly to them (even if you’re sending a similar message to hundreds of other business owners). A great way to do this is to ask probing questions about the incumbent broker. This is the relationship you need to disrupt, of course, so you want the prospect to question whether they’re really satisfied with the service their broker is currently providing.

This strategy is effective because many business owners hire brokers (and keep them) based on relationships, without realizing they could be getting more for their money. By questioning the incumbent, you are piquing your prospect’s interest and aiming to move them through the sales process (e.g., to secure a phone call or initial meeting).

Ask these targeted questions

Now that you know the general strategy to follow, we’ll share some specific questions to ask during your next cold call, email blast or direct mailing, to improve your prospecting success. Of course not all these questions will apply to each prospect, but your goal is that at least one will hit home and make the prospect feel like you’re speaking directly to them and their unique situation.

In addition, if you have done any advanced research on your prospect (before a cold call, perhaps), you can tailor these questions even further to the individual recipient.

  • How has your broker helped you mitigate rate increases you may have faced in recent years?
  • What is your annual renewal process like? Does your broker make it easy and guide you through each step, or is it a drawn-out process with overwhelming spreadsheets and too many meetings?
  • Have you and your broker explored self-funding as a potential cost-saving strategy as health care costs continue to rise?

Want more tips for how to challenge an incumbent broker to win more business? Be sure to download our newest e-book, 3 Ways to Outshine the Incumbent. And if you have any questions or thoughts to share, please share them below in the comments section.

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