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Insurance Agent Marketing: Focus on Education

Posted by AndyNunemaker on Jun 13, 2016 7:30:00 PM


Cold calling. Mass mailings. Networking. Social media. There are countless ways to prospect for new business today, but how do you know which insurance agent marketing strategies are most effective?

Likely a combination of several strategies will yield the greatest success. Today, we’re going to share an insurance agent marketing tip that is less talked about than some others, but can generate powerful leads: focusing on education over selling.

The concept of leading with education

So what exactly does it mean to lead with education, rather than selling? The idea is that prospects today are inundated with sales pitches, not only from other insurance brokers, but from vendors and salespeople from all industries. It gets exhausting to field all those pitches and often the default response is for a business owner to reject all pitches.

The education approach is one where you instead provide the prospect with value (without selling or pitching your services at all), to slowly build a relationship of trust and expertise. This will differentiate you from the other brokers who are simply pitching the prospect, while also providing beneficial information that the business owner can put into practice right away.

What follows is generally one of two scenarios:

  • The prospect will reach a point where they see the value that you are providing outweighs what they are receiving from their own broker, and ask to set up a meeting with you.
  • Or, after establishing a relationship of trust, you can ask the prospect for a meeting and they will be much more open to it than they would have been during a cold call.

What educational material should I share?

Put yourself in the shoes of your prospect, a business owner. What type of educational article or other resource would be of value to them? This could be a blog that you or someone at your agency wrote, but it doesn’t have to be original content. It could simply be an article that you read in an employer-focused newsletter, or an update you received from the IRS—anything you think would be relevant to that employer. Here are some ideas:

  • Pertinent compliance or regulatory updates
  • ACA updates or resources to help support ACA compliance
  • Articles on timely HR topics
  • Employee education (wellness, how to use benefits, etc.) that the employer can pass to their employees
  • Information on voluntary benefits or retirement plans

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