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Insurance Social Media Tips You Need to Know

Posted by AndyNunemaker on Jun 27, 2016 7:30:00 PM


If you’re a veteran insurance broker or agency owner, social media may seem like a foreign medium for prospecting for new business. But in today’s digital world, social media is actually a great place to generate leads and build relationships with prospective clients. And even if it’s not your comfort zone, there will be younger or more forward-thinking agents spending time on social media—so it may be something you want to consider in your marketing strategy.

This blog will focus on basic insurance social media tips you need to know to get started and be successful on social media.

Make a plan

Once you decide to get started on social media, it can be tempting to make yourself a Facebook profile or LinkedIn page and get started right away. But like any marketing strategy, insurance social media is most effective when it starts with a thought-out plan.

  1. Narrow down your goals for social media, in line with your business goals. Are you looking to grow brand exposure, reach a wider prospect base, generate new leads or all of the above? Focus on your goals to generate a plan.
  2. Choose your networks. You don’t need a presence on six different social media platforms. You may decide you want to focus on Facebook and Twitter, or that you have a lot of educational videos so YouTube makes sense. Think of what you have to offer, and where your clients spend time.
  3. Decide on a posting schedule, and who will manage it. Who will plan your posting calendar (and yes, we recommend planning posts in advance for maximum efficiency)? How often will you post on each network each week? Who will respond if someone comments on your post or asks a question? Decide all these logistical items up-front, so you can manage your social media presence consistently as you move forward.

Educate, don’t sell

One of the biggest mistakes insurance brokers (and businesses of all types) make on social media is using it to sell. No one wants to be pitched on social media; in fact, it will likely turn off potential clients. Instead, use social media to share educational information that employers will value.

An insurance social media strategy is a long-term marketing strategy. You likely won’t get a new client in the first couple weeks. But the goal is to establish yourself as a credible source of valuable information (hopefully more valuable than someone’s current broker), so that when it’s time for renewal, they think of you. Or, when they run into a problem their broker can’t solve, they think of that great article you shared on Facebook and reach out to you. In some cases, one article or post you share may even be enough for an employer to give you a call, if you touch on the right topic at the right time.

Get creative, but maintain your brand

Wondering exactly what you should be sharing on social media? This should be part of your initial plan; brainstorm the types of content you want to share, that will attract and engage potential clients while maintaining your brand integrity. Here are some ideas of what to share:

  • Educational articles (either your own content, or from another trusted source)
  • Testimonials or case studies from happy clients (you could even share anecdotes of a renewal meeting where you saved a client money or helped solve a problem)
  • Engaging questions (such as asking what employers think of a new piece of legislation, or if they are struggling with a particular HR problem you come across frequently—the goal here is to spark conversation and engagement)
  • Pictures or videos that humanize your agency, such as community events you are involved in, office get-togethers, profiles of different staff members, etc.

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