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Prospecting and Renewal Strategies Today’s Top Brokers are Using

Posted by AndyNunemaker on Feb 27, 2018 7:00:00 AM

Prospecting and Renewal Strategies Today’s Top Brokers are Using

The employee-benefit insurance industry is continually evolving due to market changes, the economy, new technology and new broker strategies. How are you keeping up with all the changes? Stagnant brokers will soon be left behind, so if you don’t plan on retiring in the next 5 years, it’s time to become more growth-minded and forward-thinking.

This blog shares some of the top prospecting and renewal strategies today’s top brokers are using, along with resources to help you learn more and implement those strategies.


Differentiating & stealing BORs

Top brokers in the industry are always trying to grow. In fact, they’re probably trying to steal your clients right now. Wouldn’t you rather you were the shark stealing other brokers’ clients?

  • Cold calling gets old. Inbound marketing, on the other hand, is a strategy to attract warm leads ready to talk to you. Learn everything you need to know here (guide).
  • Did you know that Q1 is a perfect time to snatch business away from the incumbent, while those brokers are resting after their busy renewal season? Learn all about this prospecting strategy (resource).


Delighting clients

How many clients do you think you’ll lose this year? It’s a scary question, but a valid one—especially for brokers who still use spreadsheets to present their annual renewal? Modern brokers are offering a revolutionized renewal process and many employers are flocking to those agencies.

  • Discover why employers hate their annual benefits renewal (ebook) and how you can deliver what employers really want (guide).
  • Budget is so important to clients when it comes to renewals, but it is often discussed after the plan is chosen. Leading brokers are finding success flipping the process and leading with the budget (guide).


Seamlessly incorporating ancillary

For employee benefit brokers, ancillary coverages are more of an afterthought in the renewal practice. Employers—and employees—are growing more interest in ancillary options, opening up a huge opportunity for brokers looking for an extra edge.

  • Understand the surprising disconnect that exists in the ancillary market today (infographic).
  • After you’ve checked out the infographic, learn how to seamlessly incorporate ancillary into your renewal process, to delight your clients, sell more products and increase your value as a broker (ebook).


Exploring self funding

Did you know that self funding isn’t just for large groups anymore? In many cases, it can help smaller employers better manage their risk and budget.

  • Discover how self funding can actually benefits many small groups—and how you can use it as a tool to position yourself as a knowledgeable, trusted advisor (guide).


If you’re ready to become a leading broker and adopt some of these modern strategies, you might want to take a look at Dynamis. Learn more here.

(And if you’ve already seen Dynamis, it’s time to take another look. We’ve enhanced the solution in many ways, including branded proposals and ancillary options integrated into the renewal.)

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